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Why you need to see your friends. . .

Why you need to see your friends. . .

December 05, 2017

Unless you are in college, seeing friends can be a rare occurrence due to careers, family, etc.  And when we live our lives increasingly online, our friend communication is sometimes distilled down into text conversations.  But hanging out with friends is essential for cutting stress and increasing happiness.   Passing on time with friends is doing yourself a major disservice.  

Some strategies for seeing friends:

  • Start/join a club - get involved and schedule time where you are seeing friends at fairly regular intervals
  • Don't bail on plans.  Make them, keep them.
  • Buy tickets to events with friends
  • Friends in other places?  Use Facetime or Skype instead of texting.

Have your own strategies?  Email us at mayor@portsur.com and we'll post some on social media.  

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