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Why I use an E-Reader

Why I use an E-Reader

October 02, 2017

I hear it all of the time.  "I like the feeling of a book."  Me too!  But for my situation e-readers are far superior.  I use a Kindle Voyage, but also recommend the Paperwhite.  Either way, here is a quick list of the reasons:

1.  I mostly read in bed.  So what?  Well, when you read in bed, you either need a light or an e-reader.  I'm married, so having a light on is not always an option, the Kindle doesn't give off much light to distract.

2.  I travel.  So I'm on the go now and then, and lugging books around is a lot harder than having something that I can put in my front pocket.

3.  I don't need to sit in a certain position.  When you have a physical book, you are limited in how you sit/lay down when you read.  Kindle takes care of that.

4.  Space.  Everyone loves a good bookcase.  Fortunately, our family's accumulated books give us plenty of that already.  I don't need to be stacking more and more books.  I can keep over a thousand on the device.

5.  Convenience.  Having a Kindle makes it easy for me to access multiple books at multiple times.  Midnight on a weeknight?  I can grab a book without leaving my couch.

Don't get me wrong, physical books are great, but for my situation an e-reader is far superior.  What are your reasons?  Hit us up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!

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