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Top Eight Ways to Turn Off

Top Eight Ways to Turn Off

October 02, 2017

I've allude in the past to the constant pressure of modern life, but healthwise, it's always good to turn it off.  Here's the ways I do it.

1.  Read.  Read fiction.  Nothing to take you away from your day to day than a space book.  I love reading in my hammock.

2.  Work out.  I don't do this enough, but the benefits are obvious -- skip the extra episode and do some pushups or something.

3.  Take a walk.  Enjoy your community, take a walk, hit a coffee shop or a have a drink.

4.  Cook.  You don't have to be a chef, but make something you enjoy once a week.  A good meal can help a lot.

5.  Podcasts.  I love podcasts, there is so much out there, but you can get away by doing some research and listening while you are doing something else.

6.  Dance.  Music's benefits are well known, but an all out dance party can put you in a good place.

7.  Turn off your phone.  Leave that noise on the charger.  Do something else.

8.  Board games.  I like Settlers of Catan, but find something you like and just go for it!  Cribbage works too (there is a board. . . ).

***BONUS - Take a long shower, especially if you work from home. . .you probably need one!


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