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Five Steps to Create a Little More Time

Five Steps to Create a Little More Time

October 02, 2017

The way the world works now is busy.  People are constantly busy.  Regardless of the merits of modern life, there are few things you can do each day to give yourself some more time:

1.  Shower at night

2.  Lay your clothes out before you go to bed.

3.  Minimize binge-watching.  I love binge watching like everyone else, it's awesome.  But think about it, that one more episode can wait until tomorrow.

4. Don't turn on the TV in the morning.  TV in the morning will suck time out of your day, nothing good is happening, check the news on the go (not while driving, of course).

5.  Be efficient about dinner.  Slow cooker? That'll easily give you back 45 minutes of your day.  Having a few staples each week for a quick dinner or two will give you some time back.

So you have some extra time?  You work out, relax, read a book or fit in that extra episode. 

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